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Aerial Hoop


Aerial hoop (also known as a ring, circle, or Lyra) is a circular steel frame suspended from the ceiling to execute moves, tricks, balances, and combinations. Inspired by the aerial acrobatics of the circus, aerial hoop classes are a fun and exciting new way to work out.

Aerial Hoop Conditioning

Conditioning class without equipment to get your muscles toned and strong. You will learn how to prepare your body for challenging transitions with body weight exercises, stretches and core strengthening drills.


​Whilst progressing on the aerial hoop you will build your core muscles and upper body strength through pulling yourself up on to the hoop and by learning poses. The aerial hoop will improve your stamina, coordination and increase your flexibility through an exciting new class.


What to Wear:​

You want to be in comfortable clothing for this activity therefore we suggest leggings, tights and t­shirts that you are able to move freely in.


Class Times:


19.15 - 20.15 


10.00 - 11.00





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