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Our Total Body Workout classes are run by Celebrity Fit Club winner Tina Baker, she is passionate about fitness and has the enthusiasm to get you fit too. Aerobics is generally defined as a vigorous exercise which is designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Tina runs a variety of aerobic classes at the Factory and encourages people of all ages to take part and get fit.



Aerobic classes aid in weight loss through burning calories and therefore, fat. These fitness classes will improve your cardiovascular fitness, and in­turn your physical appearance will also improve through the toning of muscles creating definition. There is a social element to the class which grants you the opportunity to meet new people and encourage each other to achieve your fitness goals.


What to Wear:

Comfortable clothing which is easy to move in.



19.15 - 20.15


18.00 - 19.00


17.45 - 18.45


HIIT Aerobics


9.00 ­-10.00




A letter to Tina: 

"I thought this time no excuses I WILL join the gym and join all exercises classes to improve my health, which is very important. I am so happy you are taking the classes, I have found a kind and considerate good teacher in you who caters for every ones aches and pains and also checks if we are doing the exercises properly and gives us workouts to suit every ones needs". 


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