Bridgit Napleton


Yoga is central to my life. The postural awareness, body strength and mental calm that I receive through yoga is essential to keeping me balanced in body and mind, and has enabled me to become a stronger runner. It is a complete joy to teach yoga and share my passion with others.

I am eager to encourage people to allow yoga to inform and enhance all areas of their lives, on a physical and mental level. When teaching, I really love to dig into body strength and alignment, helping people build stronger bodies with improved postural awareness. For example, doing twists in a yoga class helps nurture your spine and is so useful technically for sports such as Golf or Tennis, but is also useful for basic actions like reaching and twisting to hoover behind the sofa or put your child into a car seat. Similarly the simple action of Utkatasana Chair Pose is a tremendous leg strengthener, which is great for running and cycling, however it is equally helpful to manage a long day of sitting in an office, maintaining a happier back. The simplicity of Tadasana Mountain Pose is a brilliant posture to practice body alignment at anytime in your day, whilst waiting for the bus or the kettle to boil. So basically I love to bring energy and knowledge into my yoga class, hoping that I encourage students to enjoy their bodies and use yoga postures off the mat in their everyday lives, receiving the benefits mentally and physically.