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Contemporary Dance

This class is ideal for anyone interested in creative contemporary dance. 

The class will unravel through a fun, easy warm up, followed by some technical exercises.

A number of options will be given so that everyone can adapt their training to their own personal practice and abilities. 

In this lesson, a mixture of contemporary techniques will be applied to develop the students' coordination, musicality and athleticism. Through the first half of the lesson the students will work on their core, as well as their ability to balance and travel across the floor.


Through various tasks the dancers will develop spatial awareness as well as their ability to work in partners and in groups. These will create the perfect context for choreographic combinations to evolve (either solo dances or partner ones).


A different choreography (in a range of contemporary dance styles) will be taught every week, through which the students will have the opportunity to develop physical strength as well as creativity and artistry, but most importantly have fun! 

The continuous attendance of this lesson will increase levels of physical performance as well as flexibility, while it will also assist in building stability and core strength.

What to wear:
Comfortable clothing.
Advisable to wear layers that cover knees and elbows.
Students can dance in socks or barefoot. (Dancing in socks is preferable for beginner level).

18.00-19.00 online


Chloe Bellou

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