Updated April 2021 

Covid-19 Club Policies


At The Factory we are taking the spread of Covid-9 seriously. Whilst we are super excited to be opening again, it is important to make sure we are still being as safe as possible while we all get back to enjoying ourselves. The points below outline our expectations from everyone visiting our building, members, guests, and of course, our staff and teachers.


  • Most importantly, if you are showing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 (coughing, fever), do not come, we will ask you to leave immediately. This includes common colds. We will not take the risk. We have contactless thermometers at reception and for use in the studios and we will check you.


  • A face covering should be worn when travelling through common areas of the building. This includes entering and leaving the building, going to the bathroom, on the stairs entering and exiting the upstairs studios or if you need to come and speak to one of the staff at reception.


  • People should maintain at least 1 meter distance from each other.


  • Avoid close face-to-face conversations.


  • Hand sanitiser must be used when entering the building, and when you leave your studio, or the gym area. Regular handwashing should also take place.


  • Avoid touching surfaces with your hands where possible. If you use any equipment such as any gym equipment or yoga mats / blocks, or use window sills / ballet barres, you must clean these afterwards using the provided purple spray and gym tissue. Sweat towels are not permitted.


  • No communal gathering in common areas. Our waiting space upstairs is currently not to be used, and you should not wait or have long conversations at reception.


  • You should arrive for your visit (Class or Gym Session) no more than 5 minutes beforehand. We are allowing a 15 minute space between the end of a class or gym session and the start of the next one. Please arrive “ready to train”. Showers and changing areas will be heavily restricted with a maxim of 2 people allowed to use these areas at once.

  • In-house members' PT sessions are currently suspended to allow a good usage of the gym floor, we will of course look to reintroduce these as soon as possible.


  • To use our water machines, a refillable water bottle must be brought with you, we will not have disposable cups available.


  • 2 people maximum in each bathroom at a time. We have taken some of our toilet stalls out of action for the time being. It is also important that toilets are flushed with the lids closed. We also have cleaning spray available in the toilets so you can sanitise the seats and flush buttons.


  • Music volume in the gym area and studios should not exceed a level where anyone needs to shout. Aerosol transmission of the virus increases with voice projection.


  • All members must have their visit (classes and/or gym sessions) booked in advance. This is done through the new app. Classes can be booked a maximum of 3 days in advance, gym sessions 14 days.