Dance Fusion

Practice the art of performance in a safe environment, this class is open to everyone regardless of levels of experience. Improve your strength, technique and style through the art of commercial dance, embrace your sensuality and attack the moves with confidence and sensuality all while using and improving your jazz technique. Today's popular jazz technique can be seen in theatre and music videos, but its african roots and technical movements are transferable to other styles as well. Using elements of hip hop styles and jazz influences to create musical, dynamic choreography while focusing on musicality and precision to improve your expression in your performance. Think Beyonce meets Bob Fosse.




Jazz : Jazz incorporates many of the same elements as ballet it is a form of dance that only officially started in the 1900's and was anything that was performed to jazz music (including tap at the time). Jazz is high energy, and energetic, it uses both traditional and non-traditional movements which encourages a high level of improvisation, which makes it the perfect class to blend genres and showcase each dancer's individual style! 


Musical Theatre : This is crucial in any class about performance, clean lines, developing a character and performing for an audience. Learn to perfect your performance


Commercial Dance : Sassy and styled routines focused on dynamics, timing, rhythm, performance and musicality while using techniques from jazz and contemporary. Technique with fierce and passionate performance. 


Questions are welcome, diva attitudes are not! This class isn't about showing off, we want diva performances,but not diva mentalities! NO one gets left behind! If you like expressing yourself to music then this class is for you!





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