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My name is Desmond Burke - I am the founder of LinkArts Kickboxing and Fitness, 3rd Dan kickboxing/martial arts and qualified level 3 personal trainer. I have been training, fighting and teaching martial arts and kickboxing since 1980. I came through the ranks of the Mu-gen-do (The unlimited way) teachings created by Grand Master Meiji Suzuki. Mu-gen-do combined a mixture of kickboxing, throws, sweeps, grappling and self defence techniques so that students are fully equipped for every situation. I taught and fought out of the mu-gen-do club in Kings Cross London for many years, I also learned the spiritual side of martial arts from Sensei Suzuki, understanding the connection between mind and body. During my competing years I also trained with ABA boxers in order to supplement my kickboxing. I have also delivered personal training sessions and fitness sessions at some of the leading health and fitness clubs around London.

I currently run my kickboxing club in Hornsey (YMCA Harringay Club), North London  and deliver personal training sessions including all components of fitness.


So if your fitness requirements are:


  • Nutritional Advice

  • Weight Loss/Build Lean Muscle Tissue

  • Kickboxing/Boxing

  • Muscular Strength/Endurance

  • Increased Cardiovascular Capacity

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Mobility, Agility and flexibility improvement

  • Kettlebell  Shred Circuit (Designed to torch body fat and build lean and toned torso)

  • Boxercise/Kick Aerobic

  • Self defence



Then I am sure that together we can achieve your targets and have a lot of fun along the way, you could acquire skills (self defence) that you will be able to utilise for the rest of your life. Listed below are some of the procedures prior to and during personal training sessions:


  • You will be asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire which will be used to design your programme

  • You will be asked to complete a ParQ form (to assess suitability for exercise).

  • You will be given a free 30 minutes consultation

  • You will be given fitness and static tests, the results will be used for monitoring progress and gauge you suitability for exercise.

  • Your exercise programme will be designed according to your requirements

  • Your goals can be achieved by using various training methods and training systems

  • Each session can include a mixture of a number of the above according to your requirements

  • I will ease you into my way of training, I will increase the intensity, repetition etc as necessary.

  • Kickboxing/Boxing: Sessions include skills segments, for example stance, balance and techniques etc

  • You will be asked to complete a personal training terms & conditions (to be signed by both parties)






I will ensure that you achieve your required goal and maintain a good level of fitness and present an aesthetical looking body. This means that during our sessions I will demand a high level of work and you will be challenged to perform at your maximum. I will not expect you to perform miracles, and I will not expect the impossible, however I will expect you to be disciplined and determined to achieve the short, medium and long term targets.


I will expect you to put the work in outside the sessions, if necessary I will provide workout plans for you to perform at the gym or at home. I will expect you to have a good nutritional diet with a good eating pattern. I will provide the relevant advice and guidance necessary and in extreme cases provide a food diary for you to record your meals.


I have trained competitive athletes, people looking to reduce body fat, people looking to gain body mass and just people looking to maintain a general level of fitness. I will design a specific programme for you with the right level of intensity and work rate etc.


Your progress towards your targets will substantially depend on your nutrition, training frequency, intensity and the time spent each session. So, if you are ready to start your fitness regime or you would like to take your fitness sessions to another level, let us have a chat and plan the way forward together.





PT and Fitness

1999 – Circuit Training – YMCA

1999 – Resistance Training – YMCA

1999 – Fitness knowledge – YMCA

2002 – Nutrition and Weight Management – FitPro

2014 – Personal Training (Level 3) – PT Academy/Active IQ

2014 – Enhanced Suspension - PT Academy

2014 – Enhanced Kettlebell – PT Academy



Kickboxing/Martial Arts

1985 – 1st Dan Black Belt – (Mugendo Kickboxing Club)

1986 – 2nd Dan Black Belt – (Mugendo Kickboxing Club)

2003 – 3rd Dan Black Belt – (Karmaa/Zendo Kickboxing)




1985 – Current: Kickboxing/Personal Training Instructor (Mugendo, Karmaa and LinkArts Kickboxing Clubs)

1999 – Current: Freelance Personal Training, Circuit Training, Boxercise, kick Aerobic Instructor.

2003- 2004 Personal Trainer - Fitness First (Shepherd Bush)

2003- 2004 Boxercise and Circuit training Classes - Fitness First (Shepherd Bush)