Michael Brooke

Fitness Trainer at the Factory
Tina Baker fitness instructor

Contact Details:
Tel: 07870 51 6660
Email: mbrookefitness@gmail.com
Instagram: mikebrooke81


My name’s Mike and I get people strong and lean!

Having personally lost over 100lbs of body fat, I understand the physical and mental challenges of
weight loss better than most (for before and after photos, please ask). I am also one of the few
trainers in the UK who is a certified StrongFirst instructor, considered to be the gold standard in
strength and conditioning kettlebell education worldwide. Through a combination of bodyweight,
free weights and kettlebell exercises, structured cardiovascular training and detailed nutrition
advice, I get my clients reaching their goals and beyond.

Specialises in:
Body Transformation
Hardstyle Kettlebell training
Progressive Calisthenics
Hand balancing
Boxing, Capoeira and Animal Flow.

Certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor SFG
Advanced Diploma In Personal Training
CYQ Levels 2 & 3 Personal Training
YMCA Fit Hiit Training, Padwork, TRX

What is it about your training style that makes people come to you?:
I am able to challenge my clients without leaving them a sweaty, hyperventilating mess at the end
of their sessions.

Recent Testimonials:
“You have a strong spirit & your teaching skills are exceptional” Evrin Toth Master StrongFirst

“I can’t tell you the difference the past year has made” Suzy

“Thank you for the past few months. You inspired me to push past my goals & am now considering
changing careers & becoming a PT!” Stephanos

“I’d have left you for a trainer that takes it easier on me if my mother in law doesn’t keep telling me
how amazing I’m looking now.” Jacqui.