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Pole Dance with Contours Pole


Pole dance and provides a full-body workout that is enormously fun, addictive and a fantastic confidence boost for both women and men.


We boast London's biggest and most spacious studios, because of this, our classes are never more than 1 or 2 people per apparatus.


LEVEL 1 - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: A slow paced class focused on building strength, confidence and correct technique for basic spins, transitions, floorwork, climbs & sits.

LEVEL 2 - GENERAL LEVEL / ELEMENTARY / IMPROVERS: Learn to link your pole moves into dance routines fun and fluid movement. Perfect for those with some pole experience and a love of dance.

LEVEL 3 - LOW INTERMEDIATE: Focussed on technique and conditioning of invert foundations for holding strong, confident inversions and leg hangs. NOT suitable for new starters.

LEVEL 4 - MID INTERMEDIATE: Must be able to invert confidently with strong leg holds from level 3 for learning progressions from shoulder mount, superman and more.

LEVEL 5 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED: Mixed ability classes for those with solid level 4 skills and understanding.

These classes take place in a studio with lots of room and daylight. Pole Dance offers an innovative way of exercising and are complementary to other dance based classes, and it’s a great workout!

Pole dance conditioning works the whole body, specially focusing on exercises that improve strength, stability and mobility needed for pole dance. These off the pole exercises will help you to perform better on pole and reach your pole goals faster.


Taking part in Pole Dance at The Factory in London will provide you with many health benefits other than having a great time exercising. You will develop greater endurance, define your muscles, increased flexibility as well as improving your self-­esteem. All the variations in dance and pole techniques you will learn in our class will keep you highly motivated and the social element will maintain your interest. Before you know it you’ll be a pole dance fanatic and will possess skills you never dreamed you could have.


What to Wear:​

Students need bare legs in order to grip the pole properly. Please bring shorts or a short skirt to wear during your pole class. Please do not moisturise your skin or wear rings.


Class Times (Please see the full timetable for class descriptions):


19.45 - 20.45 Level 2/3 with Pole Home

20.15 - 21.00 Level 1 Pole Conditioning (no pole required)


19.00 - 20.00 Level 4+

19.30-20.15 Level 1 Pole Conditioning


18.00 - 19.00 Level 3+ with Pole Home

13.00 - 14.00 Level 4+ with Pole Home


17.00-18.00 Pole Conditioning Level 2/3









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