Poppy Alfredou

Poppy Alfredou
Fitness Instructor at the Factory London

Email: poppyalfredou@gmail.com

Phone: 07565424445

Facebook: /poppyalfredoufitness

Instagram: @poppyalfredou


I have a confession to make: I wasn’t always a fan of the gym.

In the past I struggled a million times with getting motivated enough to hit the gym. A lot of times I chose the wrong way to achieve my goals. In the past I starved myself plenty of times and I've overeaten even more times.


8 years ago, I discovered exercising and I never looked back. I was lucky enough to meet so many knowledgeable people from a vast variety of fitness backgrounds. I had the chance to interact with dancers, physiotherapists, other personal trainers, athletes, strength coaches and in 6 years I had over 2000 personal training sessions with a lot of different people. I’ve met so many people and every single one of them had different fitness abilities and their lifestyles varied so much, but most of them worked hard and the results followed.


I understand that not everyone is the same and how the gym can terrify some people, but everything can change once you truly commit. Training doesn’t have to be boring! All I know is that I completely changed my life and I believe that you can do it too! If you think that I sound like the kind of trainer that you would like to work with then feel free to contact me.


‘’It’s never a question of can you, but will you?’’



Physique and body composition training, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength Training, Fat loss, Power training, HIIT, Boxing, Kettlebell training, Fitness competition training.



  1. Personal Training and Fitness Instructing

  2. Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs)

  3. Nutritional Advisor

  4. Kettlebell instructor

  5. Boxing/ Kickboxing



6 years as a personal trainer, Hatha Yoga Teacher, UKSCA course in plyometrics, speed and agility, UKSCA course weightlifting, UKSCA course periodization and teaching group classes at The Factory and other studios all over London.


What is it about your class/your training style that makes people come to you?

With regards to personal training:

I always try to learn more. People know that I will push them when they need to be pushed. I commit to people and expect the same in return. I understand that everyone is different so my attitude and my training style changes depending on what my client’s needs are.


With regards to my classes:

People will come to my classes when in need of a challenging workout. They know that I will make them work hard but I make sure that they feel like they are getting looked after too!