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Tone & Stretch

About Tone & Stretch

Do you want to know the secret to achieving that elusive middle split and much more? This class is designed to compliment your dance training and improve your overall general fitness by combining traditional stretching methods with intense conditioning exercises. This preparation will help your body to achieve all sorts of bends, holds and even handstands with grace, confidence and correct technique.



​Toning and stretching the body will improve your overall general fitness levels and strength. Your posture will improve through stretching of the muscles of the lower back, chest and shoulders and an increase in flexibility, accompanied with improved balance and coordination will be noticeable after attending a few classes. Holding a position can help calm the mind by providing a mental break and can therefore reduce your stress levels.


What to Wear:​

Comfortable clothing with stretchy material to allow the body to move with ease.


Online Class Times:

Mondays 21.00 - 22.00

Tuesdays 20.15-21.15



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