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Terence Merchant

Terence Merchant



My Motto:
Results Focused


My Journey:
From a young age I was a sports enthusiast and always participated in competitive sports such as football, basketball, badminton and athletics. My passion for football and fitness drove me to compete in athletics for school and borough and to play football for various teams, playing at a semi-professional level and even lucky enough to play in the FA Cup. 

Going to the gym is part of my lifestyle and I enjoy it immensely. I believe that if you are going to teach other people a new skill or way of life, then you yourself should be passionate about it. So my enthusiasm and drive to achieve a professional vocation lead me to become a Personal Trainer and qualified football coach. My satisfaction is taking on clients that have a personal goal and ensuring I give them my all in the training sessions to achieve their desired results as their goals become mine


PT Level 3

Football Coach



Business skills

Training systems

Boxing level 1 & 2

Suspension training


Specialist areas:

Strength training

Muscle mass growth

Body toning

Fat loss

Legs, bums & tums transformation



What makes me unique? 
I work with a wide range of diverse clients and plan and structure fitness unique workout sessions tailored to my client’s needs and goals. 

'Results focused' is to always be focused on the results, which will encourage you and drive you to work in a way to succeed.


I value my clients' effort, time, hard earned money, and the trust they have put into me to help them achieve success. 

Mental strength is so important when it comes to training and focussing your mind on your goal as training can become hard if you lose motivation or find it difficult to push yourself harder. You have to picture yourself and where you want to be in 6 months or in a year and keep that in mind with everything you do. Focusing on this and being consistent WILL get you your results.


During the initial assessment I am able to assess your fitness level, strengths and areas that we need to work on. We can use this as a confidence platform to aid your development.


The aim is to give you the confidence you need to keep motivated and believing, by giving you short term goals which you can accomplish, and this will give you the mental and physical strength to work towards your ultimate goal.


A simple thing that people can exude is a ‘Can do attitude!’ 


This mental strength will be used when we are training; you will be amazed at how powerful your mind can be! 

I try all aspects of fitness and nutrition with myself so I stay relatable and current by researching and practising new fitness techniques and workouts. I am always broadening my expertise and skill set and am working on at this very moment! 


I know the clichés behind personal trainers and ex-army drilling etc., however I take on a new and holistic approach to fitness and nutrition by aiming for my clients to involve fitness and good nutrition as a natural routine part of their lives both physically and emotionally. I look at client’s daily lifestyle and demonstrate how to incorporate working out and eating a healthier option using what time, equipment and finances they have to their disposal.  With all this said, I am able to give techniques, workouts, nutrition advice and the push you need. However it is ultimately up to you to make it happen and work. We are a team!

Fitness is not an elitist area; I am a firm believer that fitness and nutrition should be available to everyone from all different walks of life. 

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