Since its origins in Miami in the late 90s, courtesy primarily of fitness instructor Alberto Perez, Zumba® initially enjoyed a slow burn of local popularity before literally setting the fitness world aflame with the way it has caught the imaginations of those seeking something a little different from the average bend, stretch and sweat fitness class.


25+ years after those first classes, there are more countries in the world which do have Zumba® than those which don’t... A real testament both to its effectiveness as a workout and the fun factor it brings to fitness.


Of course Zumba® does involve learning routines and repetitive moves, but these come with all the energising excitement of hearing fantastic Latin dance tracks and hitting that dance floor. The rhythms and dances are a real mixture of styles and rhythms, including those foot­tapping, hip swaying Dirty Dancing favourites of the merengue, mambo and samba, as well as salsa, flamenco, cha­cha­cha, tango and even hip­hop tracks.



​Learning the routines with support from our qualified trainers means you’re achieving a toned and sculpted body whilst reducing fat and increasing that heart­rate for a full cardio­workout and boosting metabolism for long­term fitness and calorie burning. Classes are specially designed to include motivating fast rhythms for high intensity burst and sexy slower rhythms for low intensity steps to fitness and weight loss.


What to Wear:​

Comfortable clothes that allow vigorous movement.


Class Times:

ZUMBA 18.30 - 19.30

18.30 - 19.30