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Join our 12 week Pole program

Welcome to our 12-week Pole Fitness Transformation Program, a holistic journey designed to sculpt your body, enhance your fitness, and unleash your inner strength. This all-inclusive program combines the artistry of pole fitness with personalized training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This comprehensive program includes:

- 6 Personalized PT sessions: Tailored exercises focusing on strength, flexibility, and technique.
- 6 Private Pole Sessions: Fine-tuning your skills and exploring advanced moves.
- 2 Group Pole Classes/week: Beginner to advanced levels, learning spins, inversions, and transitions.
- 2 Weekly Fitness Classes: Complementing your pole training with conditioning and flexibility work.
- Personalized Gym Program: Tailored guidance for workouts beyond the studio.

Join us for a holistic experience that fosters personal growth, fitness empowerment, and newfound confidence. Regardless of your starting point, this program offers a dynamic blend of personalized attention and group learning to help you excel in pole fitness while boosting your overall fitness."

girl-performs-pole-dance-studio-with-white-brick-wall (1).jpg

Embrace this 12-week journey as an opportunity for personal growth, fitness empowerment, and a newfound sense of confidence. No matter your starting point, our program is crafted to challenge and inspire you, leaving you transformed both physically and mentally.

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