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The Factory Gym welcomes member reviews and customer feedback to help maintain our customer experience.

You can find our published member reviews here.

"This is by far the best gym I've ever been to. Classes are diverse - there's something for everyone. The instructors are really knowledgable and professional. The gym area isn't very busy so you never have to wait for equipment. Staff are very friendly."

Lauren Edmonds

"The dance classes and the teachers are excellent, and there is a lovely atmosphere. The people are very friendly it has more of a local dance school feel to it. I would definitely recommend it!"

Stephanie Nicholson

"I have been a member of The Factory Gym for two years now and I LOVE IT! The place is really uplifting. Alex and the team are fantastic, always interested in having a chat and finding out how your day has been. The classes rock. My home away from home"

Beth Sergeant

"These guys are awesome! Looking forward to each and every time I'm going to the gym as I know I'll have a great time! Highly recommended!"

Anja Bohnsack

"The Factory is such an amazing place to have fun, get fit and relax in a very pleasant environment. Highly recommended!"

Chiara Pasian

"I love the Factory! It's the first gym I've not become allergic to after a couple of months of membership. Mostly I LOVE Becky's yoga class on Sunday and Wednesday. My practice has come on in leaps and bounds since joining about a year ago. She's really clear, fun, knowledgeable and the partner work makes going upside down way less terrifying."

Backie Juckley 

"A really good gym with a wide variety of classes!! The classes they hold are the reason why I get up and go!

The instructors there are very professional and so friendly."

Emilia Boulton

"It's great. Amazing studios, staff friendly from reception to classes and PTs. So professional too, absolutely. Not crowded. The only thing is that some classes are soon fully booked... But of course they are: they are amazing!!! Anyway there's always a waiting list and, you know what? I have always found availability in the end. The club is part of my daily life!!!! Members are nice as well: taken up with them. Completely fallen for it."

Federica Gualtieri

"Love the Insanity and similar high intensity classes!"

Jessica Hansmann

"I've just joined a month ago and I'm very impressed with the ranges of classes available and the online booking is pretty slick... More importantly, having just started the 1-2-1 with a personal trainer, I genuinely believe they care about your results! Really impressed with the trainers and instructors I've met so far and can see myself getting comfortable at this gym - have made more progress here than I did before! Love you guys!"

Cress Cable 

"This is a great gym.... it has a lovely inclusive feel, not too intimidating and they have great classes and facilities!"

Sophie Newlan

"So much more than just a gym! The classes are great and there's something for everyone, and it feels like a very welcoming community. Would highly recommend!"

Sarah W

"I have been a member for around 18 months and will happily say that this is the greatest gym I have ever been a member of. The staff and trainers are amazing and make every visit an enjoyable one ( enjoyable gym...what???) Everyone is full of encouragement and positivity - it's way more than just a gym."

Lesa Gillespie

"Possibly the best gym I even joined. Nice variety of courses, great studio and the team is just amazing. They know what they are doing, they are super friendly and always willing to help."

Francesco Leonardi

"Love this place!  Great gym, lovely staff, brilliant classes"

Rebecca Bagnall

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