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Rhona Crewe

Dance Trainer at the Factory London
Ballet Classes North London


Contact Details:


During a 10 year career as a professional contemporary, and then commercial dancer, my ballet teaching was, and still is, a constant passion of mine. I performed with various contemporary dance companies and then went on to transfer my contemporary and ballet technique to work in television, film and the commercial fashion show worlds.



Ballet, pointe work, contemporary, jazz and yoga.



BA Hons degree in theatre dance from London studio centre. BBO syllabus advanced level. 



14 years of teaching ballet fusion classes all across London has proved that this self created class is here to stay! I also teach baby ballet and contemporary workshops to secondary schools. Bespoke wedding dances are also a speciality.


What is it about your class/your training style that makes people come to you?:

People get the bug for ballet fusion because it is a modern twist on a hobby from their youth. It's an accessible class that is less regimented than a traditional ballet class and we do exercises to inspiring, current music. I have found that my love of performance through being a pro dancer also translates to my pupils in class - they complete showcases and class sharings that gives them something to push their technique towards during regular class work.

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